Fly Screens

Designed to keep unwanted insects out. Our screens are made with extruded aluminum frame. The insect gauze is high quality, long lasting fibreglass with small openings and great visibility. Sure to keep out small intruders for years to come.Flyscreens are available as hinge doors, sliding doors and window screens in just about any size and colour.

Sliding Flyscreen Doors may need new tracking added to the existing frame to suit the new modern flyscreen frame and rollers.

Hinge Flyscreen Doors may need to add a door jamb adaptor depending on the current door frame.
A door jamb adaptor is a strong extruded aluminum frame designed to build out the current frame. This is required when there isn’t enough room on the current frame to hinge a new door or an existing lock is sticking out too far.

Also available is the prowler proof insect range.
There are approx. 300 other colours in this range which incur an additional fee. Which means we can match almost any colour. Also the prowler proof insect range have welded corners for extra strength

Other options

Other mesh options include aluminum insect mesh and stainless steel insect mesh (required in bushfire areas). Pet proof mesh designed to withstand scratching from your dog and cat and micromesh designed for those tinycritters like midges and sandflies.

There are 15 standard colours to choose from. Standard colours include silver, bronze, hammersley brown, black, white, white birch, primrose, beige, pottery, apo grey, notre dame, woodland grey, anotec dark grey, charcoal, deep ocean, claret and hawthorn green.

There are approx. 300 other colours which incur an additional fee. Which means we can match almost any colour.